Homeopathy is discovered by an allopathic German doctor called Dr.Samuel Hahnemann

Since Dr.Hahnemann is an allopath homeopathy is also based on modern science in many respects.Dr.Hahnemann mainly differs with allopathy in terms of Pharmacology. Our modern vaccination is a homeopathic concept. One of the important homeopathic principles a thorn should be treated with a thorn which is a famous quote in our Atharvana veda.Haneman knows Sanskrit and had a spark after reading this quote.

Homeopathic medicines are simple cheap effective without side effects.

It can be used in acute as well as chronic diseases.

2nd important principle in homeopathy is called potentiation which is also there in our siddha and Ayurveda as pudam poduthal.

Should not be taken without qualified physician’s prescription.

Frequently asked questions about Homeopathic?

Does it have side effects

Homeopathic medicines are the safest the side effects are rare and transient.

Do they have steroids

It is popular misunderstanding it doesn't have steroids. The homeo medicines are mixed in sugar globules or water. Sugar globules can temporarily increase your sugar level. Diabetic patients are best advice to take the medicine in liquid form.

When should I take it

They should be taken on empty stomach or in between food. They shouldn’t be taken immediately after food.

Can they be taken along with allopathic medicines

Yes no allopathic medicines should be stopped unless it is advised specifically.